No Pet Sematary for THE TOMB RAIDER | New ultra-short film by Axelle Carolyn

13. September 2012

Anubis, the barkless dog, might certainly agree with the Ramones but has business to do at the cemetery nevertheless. Her owner is filmjournalist-turned-filmmaker Axelle Carolyn who just started to play festivals with her lovely little short „The Halloween Kid“ and hence it is no wonder that the 8-months-old Basenji has a morbid sense of humour. At 1:48 mins, „The Tomb Raider“ (not to be confused with you-know-what) could function as an apprentice piece but instead it is another quaintly conceived genre miniature, following last year’s equally ultra-short „Hooked“ (and the touching „Last Post“).

Opening with a shot through a cobweb and followed by some atmospheric stills of what seems to be a deserted gaveyard (actually Abney Park, London) until the four-legged lead actress appears, this homage to 1930’s black-and-white horror manages to instantly call up your very own spooky connotations of choice from „White Zombie“ to German Edgar Wallace adaptions.

Perfectly choreographed to its music (Franz Waxman’s „The Bride of Frankenstein“ and „The Devil’s Gallop” by Charles Williams), beautifully filmed by James Webber and post-produced by Carolyn’s partner-in-crime Neil Marshall, this tongue-in-cheek zero-budget matter of the heart isn’t meant to leave you scared to the bone but will tempt you to re-watch it over and over again. „Frankenweenie“, get out of the way!

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