RED RED: Unsettling first trailer for Ama Lea’s Neo-Giallo

12. Dezember 2012

Right in time for christmas, L.A. based photographer and filmmaker Ama Lea presents a glimpse of a giallo nightmare that delivers enough blood to paint Santa’s coat Red Red all over. At exactly one minute, the trailer for the „sexually charged thriller“ provides with an atmospheric and pretty unsettling idea of what to expect from this uncompromising homage to Italian cinema’s most famous genre next to the spaghetti western. Hypnotic and nicely disturbing, stunningly lit and colored, the teasing images of this gory and dark erotic fantasy, edited in feverish climactic fashion, have the clear potential to haunt you over the holidays. Shot in August this year, „Red Red“ is in post-production right now and will enter the festival circuit in 2013. For further details on the film check our interview with Ama Lea here.

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