Talking LOOK: Live Chat with Adam Rifkin

12. Februar 2012

Based on his award-winning 2007 film „Look“, Adam Rifkin created an original television drama series of the same name, telling its storylines exclusively via surveillance cameras. You may question the believability of such a concept, but with approximately 4 billion hours of more or less secretely generated footage per week in the US alone, an Orwellian dystopia is well on the way to become reality. Having premiered on Showtime in 2010, season 1 of „Look“ is now available on Hulu and DVD. On Sunday Feb 12, 5pm PST, series creator Rifkin and his leading actress Ali Cobrin are getting in front of the camera for an exclusive live chat – and you can participate. Just come over and join the show (scroll down for chat).

Adam Rifkin is an American director, actor and writer whose credits include screenplays for family-friendly comedies like „Mousehunt“, „Underdog“ and „Small Soldiers“. As a director he created outside-the-box indies like „Detroit Rock City“, “Night at the Golden Eagle” and „The Chase“ with Charlie Sheen. Most recently he wrote and directed „Wadzilla“, an episode of the grindhouse anthology „Chillerama“ which he also starred in. Rifkin is a regular guru for Joe Dante’s online filmschool „Trailers from Hell“.

Ali Cobrin is only 22 and already a rising star. Before „Look“ she played the lead in the indie thriller „Cold Cabin“ and appeared in „The Hole“ by Joe Dante. Her portrayal of 17 year old Molly in „Look“ put her in the spotlight and caught the attention of fans and media alike. She recently was part of „American Reunion“ and is currently shooting the comedy „Life’s an Itch“ alongside „Prison Break“’s Kathleen Quinlan. In the meantime, Michael Bay made a huge mistake by not casting her as female lead in „Transformers 3“.

Look – The Series

[Thanks to everyone who came over and joined. You can still watch the recording below. Unfortunately, Ali Cobrin could not participate. Actor Marcus Giammati stepped in for her.]

Look – The Chat

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