HELLRAISER: Will UK filmmaker Mike Le Han and concept artist Paul Gerrard raise the franchise from the dead?

05. August 2012

Hellraiser | Pitch by Mike Le Han and Paul Gerrard

Is the „Hellraiser“-series toast? Thinking of the unbearable last entry to the franchise (its ninth installment anyway), an affirmative reply should be more than obvious. The opposite is true of course since „Hellraiser: Revelations” was nothing but a contractual necessity for Dimension Films in order to renew their rights to the material. Rumours about a reboot started to go round after the (equally useless) „Hellworld”, a laughable meta approach which reduced lead Cenobite Pinhead to a lousy cameo gimmick.

Nothing much happened since then or at least no attempt resulted in tangible production plans. Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer (of „My Bloody Valentine 3D”) had officially been hired to conceive a script and came up with an approach that basically explored the home of the Cenobites. But maybe back then the concept of an expanded universe was too much, too daring or too expensive for Dimension to even consider pre-production.

Award-winning UK filmmaker Mike Le Han („Mrs Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room”) and concept artist Paul Gerrard („Wrath of the Titans”, „Battle Los Angeles”) were not willing to remain a silent spectator any longer and took distinct measures which they hope will be convincing enough for the series to finally come out of cinematic hibernation.

Concepted and production designed by Gerrard, directed by Le Han and jointly produced, a pitch recently shot in London should disarm Dimension and send fans into rapture. With a crew of 47 professionals and a total of 100 extras for the teaser alone, there is not much doubt that what Gerrard describes as a „biblical concept” has the potential to open new gates for the franchise.

Further details of the production are top secret at the moment. Nevertheless, our good friend Mike Le Han was so kind to provide us with some concept art that allows to catch a glimpse of things to come. Stay tuned for more.

Hellraiser | Concept Art by Paul Gerrard

Hellraiser | Concept Art by Paul Gerrard

Hellraiser | Photo from the Pitch shot by Mike Le Han

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  1. Steelgohst sagt:

    For anyone who is interested, the official facebook page for the proposed Hellraiser reboot is open for business :-) sneak peaks and latest information leading up to the release of the pitch trailer..


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