Facebook vs. Bettie Page | Social network shuts down profile of documentary feature BETTIE PAGE REAVEALS ALL

18. Dezember 2011

Bettie Page Reveals All

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is not a big fan of lingerie and sexual revolution. Only two days ago, Facebook shut down the official profile for an upcoming documentary on pinup-icon Bettie Page. No warnings or complaints in advance had been sent to the site operators in order for them to react, defend themselves or delete possible controversial content. Apart from the standard phrase stating a violation of the network’s terms of use, no explanation has been given so far and thus, the filmmakers who had put a lot of hard work into accumulating a fair amount of public awareness for their project are still without a clue.

But maybe the whole case is nothing but an unfortunate mistake. After all, it would not be the first time that Facebook’s shutdown-policy causes collateral damage. Earlier this year, legendary filmcritc Roger Ebert had suddenly been wiped off the network without any obvious reason. Only after public complaints and immediate press reactions, his profile got restored and has been out of trouble since then. As far as the current case is concernd, a large part of the more than 13.000 followers of @BettiePageMovie, the documentary’s official twitter-account, is turning the unexplained shutdown into viral news by using the related hashtag #RestoreBettiepageRevealsAll.

While Facebook would be well-advised to react quickly before the incident causes further image damages, the filmmakers are still trying to complete the funding for their independent production. Academy-Award nominated and Emmy-Award winning documentarian Mark Mori („Building Bombs“) started the project in 1996 when Bettie Page was still alive. Coincidentally, both of them shared the same entertainment attorney and so Mori got the chance to pitch a documentary to the then 73 year old model-turned-sex-symbol and ended up with six hours of recorded interview material, which will be heard as off-screen narration in the fully authorized documentary, ironically called „Betty Page Reveals All“.

Bettie Page Reveals All

Bettie Page Reveals All

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