Exclusive: Dieter Laser leaves THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3

29. März 2012

Dieter Laser

It should be the shock message of the day for every fan of filmmaker Tom Six’ controversial horror trilogy: German actor Dieter Laser, who was meant to return to the series for an unexpected second time, is out. It was a credit change on the imdb that made us wonder. All of a sudden, Laser was listed below Laurence R. Harvey and Tom Six as „Himself”. We called him and asked what that meant and if he is not playing the lead anymore. Here’s his reply.

„It’s very simple: I loved the story when it was told, got the contract and the promise to have the script in 4 to 6 weeks. When it arrived – half a year later and only after the official announcement – I didn’t like the realization at all, couldn’t identify with the character the way it was written and developed immediately and enthusiastically in a day and night marathon a version full of concrete and practical suggestions which would enable me to play the lead full throttle – same procedure as with Dr. Heiter – but this time it also would have had some unavoidable effects to the dramatic structure. That was too much for Tom and since he couldn’t live with my suggestions and I as a method actor couldn’t identify with his version, I told him that I couldn’t see any other way than that he would have to ‘change horses’. That’s it.”

Laser was officially announced as the lead of „The Human Centipede 3” on March 2.

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  1. Lev Nemkin sagt:

    Dieter has made the right decision. I understand that he as a method actor as stated could not identify with Tom Six’s version and since Tom Six refused Dieter’s suggestions I can understand why he felt the need to back out of the project. He had every right to do so.

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