Ama Lea’s Production Diary, Day 3: Teaser

07. März 2015

Sweethearts by Ama Lea

Seven months ago I turned thirty. For normal people that means very little else than another year older, another milestone in the books. For an overly ambitious person though that means What-The-Fuck-Am-I-Doing-With-My-Life?! And that’s how it hit. I knew at this point I had a strong body of film work. I’d gone to countless meetings and nothing had come of it. I couldn’t wait another minute to get my first feature film moving. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t waste another year of my life accomplishing nothing substantial.

So I decided that if it was going to happen, it was going to be my doing. My first thought was, „Im going to self fund this!“ Well, seven months later I had saved a stack of cash: my two day jobs, my photography gigs, selling prints of my work and even in the end my precious Mondo Screen print collection. I could put a down payment on a car with this money! I could make it rain on all the strippers in Los Angeles for at least one evening. But in the film world, what could this money buy? Well, about two days worth of shooting, maybe 10 minutes of footage. I thought to myself: „What next? “

I knew I had to set my film noir script aside for the time being. It was just too expensive. I sat there and thought, „What do I have access to?“ Well, all my friends are hot actresses, so there’s that, I can work with that. Now I really like cheerleader movies. I also miss the anti-hero girl driven movies of the 90’s like „The Craft“, „Mean Girls“, „Jawbreaker“, „Heathers“ etc. Fuck yeah, now we’re getting somewhere.

Sweethearts by Ama Lea

Sweethearts by Ama Lea

So after another three months of writing later I had 109 pages of female badassery in my tiny little hands. And I still couldn’t afford to make it. So my thoughts turned back to crowdfunding. Now I am not the biggest fan of it and as I’ve done it twice before for little projects I felt maybe I had worn out my welcome anyway. But then I thought about it more: what if I started a crowdfunding campaign the same way someone actually makes a pitch to investors? What if I took my little wad of cash and made a teaser that would actually excite people? And so that’s what I finally went for.

Here we are. Tomorrow marks our first day of shooting this epic teaser trailer. I’ve got my all female cast, I’ve carried 700 lbs of grip gear off a truck by myself (upstairs I may add!), I’ve painted and sewed costumes, I’ve made shot lists, I’ve convinced all my most talented friends to lend their skills and time to me (which I’m forever grateful and humbled by), I’ve picked out lenses and lights and locations. I’m ready. This is me getting ready to show you what I can do.

No one is going to make your dreams happen except for you. Anything you want in life is worth the fight and the sacrifice. I’m going into this with a master plan and blind faith that my hard work will pay off. Wish me luck, folks!

Much Love, Ama

Sweethearts by Ama Lea

Sweethearts by Ama Lea

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