Ama Lea puts the M in MERMAID | Fresh blood for THE ABCs OF DEATH 2

28. Oktober 2013

M is for Mermaid | Ama Lea, The ABCs of Death

With the sequel to last year’s successful horror anthology comes another competition to join the group of 25 more or less well-known genre gurus (amond them the Soska Sisters, Vincenzo Natali and Alex de la Iglesia). Again filmmakers from all around the world were asked to create a short of under 3 minutes runtime centered around any chosen word, this time starting with the letter “M”. Over 280 films have been submitted so far and there is still time until October 31. The contest once again shows though that being able to handle a digital camera is far from being enough. Most entries suffer from a serious lack of talent, inspiration and experience. Exceptions prove the rule and one of the best comes from L. A. based photographer and filmmaker Ama Lea.

Famous for her artful celebrity, editorial and fashion shoots for the likes of “Fangoria” or “Skin & Ink” and in the midst of sending her giallo “Red Red” on the festival curcuit, she spontaneously decided to join the contest only weeks ago and set up a short crowdfunding campaign with her partner-in-crime and lead actress Emma Jabobs. Aiming for the best possible look of her film, Ama reached her funding goal in only 10 days and started shooting immediately. The result clearly stands out from the rest. Professional actors, balanced lighting, precise editing and smart direction make the difference. The story itself is tongue-in-cheek, original and delivers a truly unexpected twist.

“M is for Mermaid” can be viewed as a mirror-inverted twin of Axelle Carolyn’s ultra short “Hooked” from 2011 and adds an interesting approach to the slowly growing mermaid-wave in horror. We strongly support Ama’s entry and ask you to do the same. Check it out here and hit the like-button in order to increase its chances of being added to the cinematic alphabet of “The ABCs of Death”.

M is for Mermaid | Ama Lea

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