THE ABCs OF DEATH: Judson Scott and Erica Harrell join with T IS FOR TWIG

28. August 2011

T is for Twig

An original anthology concept and a brilliant viral marketing strategy: „The ABCs of Death“ will consist of 26 segments showcasing death at least as inventive and merciless as all five installments of „Final Destination“ combined. Each segment represents one specific letter of the alphabet to describe a decisive cause of termination. 25 different directors are already attached (among them Xavier Gans, Ti West, Angela Bettis, Jason Eisner, Jorge Grau), while one is chosen by means of a competition that is open for everyone. Participants must write, produce and shoot a four-minute short taking the letter „T“ as their subject. Viewers can vote online for their favorite segment.

Two friends of our publication just entered the contest: Director Judson Scott and producer Erica Harrell, while being in pre-production for their feature film „Hunters“, quickly arranged a setting, convened their team and shot their segment „T is for Twig“ over one single weekend. With flawless cinematography by Scott Uhlfelder („The Attic Door“) and gory makeup FX by Jenn Rose („Hatchet“, „Tron: Legacy“), the sharply written and effectively directed short contains more than one surprise and ends up with a twist that would easily be worth receiving a Spike Scream Award in the „Holy Sh*t!“ category.

„T is for Twig“ can be voted for on the official site of the contest.

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